Merchant Account Services of 2022


Merchant Account Services of 2022


Best choice for 2022

eDataPay thru eData Financial Group LLC provides credit card processing and various other merchant services for multiple business types, from small eCommerce stores to restaurants and businesses with physical locations. They provide state-of-the-art POS systems and payment terminals, and claim new merchants can be set up and accepting credit cards within just 24 hours of applying. Plus, eDataPay have a 98% approval rate, so chances are your application will be approved – even if you have less-than-perfect credit

eDataPay also offer the great Clover known for their POS systems,  eDataPay also provide credit card and other forms of payment processing, gift card and loyalty programs, and financial services, offering secure and reliable same day funding with 24/7 dedicated support. eData Financial Group LLC  connects business owners to the best-in-class services that help build a powerful online presence for their clients.


Our Not Recommended List of providers:


Retail Rates

 3.5% + $0.15

  • Accepts most credit & debit cards
  • Point of sale systems
  • Limited merchant support
  • High processing rates
  • Expensive upfront equipment cost



Retail Rates

 1.22% + $0.12
(qualified transactions)

  • Variety of equipment options
  • Hardware financing
  • Pricey upfront equipment costs
  • Costly transaction fees
  • Doesn’t accept all credit card types




Retail Rates

 1.99% + $0.15

  • Online & Offline solutions
  • Large-volume processing
  • Not recommended for small businesses
  • Tiered transaction pricing
  • Expensive monthly & set-up fees


Bank of America


Retail Rates

 Interchange $0.20 + 2.7%

  • Check/echeck acceptance
  • Mobile payments
  • $500 early termination fees
  • Limited pricing disclosure
  • Expensive equipment cost



Retail Rates

 1.55% – 2.7%

  • Accept mobile payments
  • Accepts most credit cards
  • Expensive mobile & in-store rates
  • Limited merchant support
  • Recurring monthly fees



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