Merchant Accounts for Trade Shows

Processing of credit cards at exhibitions and fairs



Merchant Accounts for Trade Shows, Gatherings Such as Conventions, Fairs, and Events


We have a lot of expertise in setting up merchant accounts for several types of events, including trade exhibitions. Because trade fairs are primarily mobile businesses, it is necessary for them to accept credit cards anywhere they are held.


Merchant account for use in conjunction with conventions and trade shows


At trade show events, proprietors of businesses may bring with them portable merchant hardware in order to be able to receive payments from attendees.




A good number of our customers make use of handheld wireless terminals powered by rechargeable batteries, which enable them to take their businesses virtually everywhere. These terminals can use a PIN-based debit service and operate similarly to a cell phone in that they receive their data from a GPRS satellite. Customers will feel more at ease making credit card purchases if they are able to use their personal identification numbers (PINs), and your company will save a significant amount of money on processing fees as a result.


Your company will be able to accept credit cards at tradeshows, events, and other locations where a phone line or internet connection is not available if you have a mobile or wireless merchant account. Mobility merchant accounts are highly beneficial for businesses that provide delivery and mobile services, such as plumbers and repair services, and are ideal for companies that participate in trade-shows.


Processing of credit cards at exhibitions and fairs


The proprietors of businesses have a fantastic opportunity to display their goods or services to both other companies and individual customers when they participate in trade exhibitions. The selling of items at trade shows is permitted in some situations (such as at some craft exhibits and art fairs). This paves the way for business exhibitors to generate a significant amount of sales while simultaneously marketing their products! The question now is how you may benefit from sales made by customers who don’t carry cash and instead use credit cards.



Learning how to accept payments with your mobile merchant account is not something you should try to get started on during the busy day of the trade show.



We offer merchant account services at rates that are among the most competitively priced in the business. Send in your application right away so that we can find out what kind of cheap interest rate you qualify for.




Processing payments made with credit cards is one solution to this problem. To be able to take credit card payments at a trade show, you will either need to ensure that the location where you will be exhibiting will have internet access, or you will need to ensure that you have a phone that is internet-enabled and that it will work in the location where you will be exhibiting. Contact a merchant services provider such as Group ISO and inquire about the various wireless merchant account options they provide once you have established that you are eligible for a wireless merchant account. A transaction involving a credit card can be processed in one of the following ways: 1) making use of a wireless credit card terminal, 2) making use of a smartphone that has access to the Internet and an optional swiper device, or 3) making use of a virtual terminal that is accessed on a computer and has an optional USB card swiper.


Accept Credit Cards at Your Business Events and Trade Shows


In today’s world, an adaptable method of payment is an absolute necessity. This clever approach is able to execute efficient credit card processing, and it does so in a variety of different ways. A payment method by phone, payment through virtual terminals, or portable swipe devices are all examples of such ingenious solutions. Because business owners would be able to receive payments in an efficient and risk-free manner, these payment system solutions are, in a word, ideal for use during trade exhibitions.





Developed specifically for mobile merchants and sellers who participate in trade shows and want access to PIN debit and credit card processing. Both WiFi and an internal SIM Card can power the wireless terminal’s operations. A battery that lasts for a long time gives you a lot of freedom while you’re on the go.




Processing credit cards with your smartphone (like an iPhone or an Android power phone, for example) has become one of the more popular solutions in recent years due to the fact that it is simple to use, requires a cheap initial investment, is convenient, and has a small size. In point of fact, if you own an iPad or iPod, our compatible software and swipe device will allow you to accept credit cards from your customers!


When clients are satisfied with the manner in which you conduct business with them, this might lead to a rise in sales, which in turn expands your company. You are responsible for taking very excellent care of the wireless processor as you use it. Put it in a safe place where it won’t be knocked over and where it won’t be at risk of falling over. In the event that you experience any issues, you can give the technician a call and describe the issues that you have come across. In exchange, the technician would be responsible for ensuring that your equipment is properly maintained.


At trade shows, you should be willing to process transactions using credit cards.




Getting ready to generate sales at a trade show is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a successful event and increase your return on investment (ROI). Preparing for a conference is worthwhile, just like preparing for anything else. Before you go to the next concert you have coming up, I want to make sure you think about the following advice based on my own personal experience:


  1. Always make sure that your smartphone or tablet has a full charge.


Because you will be processing payments using your mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, it is essential that you have the device fully charged at all times. The vast majority of booth areas include an electrical outlet. Be sure to bring an extension cord or power strip with you, and think about hiring a charging table from the show’s furniture rental service if you don’t already have one. Not only does this make it possible for you to keep the power on on all of your devices, but it also makes it possible for your customers to stop by and charge their phones, giving you the opportunity to build a prospective sales relationship while they wait.


In addition to that, you will require a safe internet or data connection. Investigate these available choices:


  • If you are going to be traveling outside of your immediate neighborhood, make sure to check with your cell phone provider about the availability of coverage.


  • If you need secure access to the internet or Wi-Fi, consult the exhibitor manual.


  • Make sure to bring a reliable wireless hotspot device.


  1. Provide your staff with adequate training in advance.


Learning how to accept payments with your mobile merchant account is not something you should try to get started on during the busy day of the trade show. Check to see that everyone who will be working the booth is familiar with the procedures for processing payments, issuing refunds, and sending receipts.


  1. Inform the customers of this fact.


It is wonderful that you will be able to effortlessly handle credit card payments at the trade show; however, if you want to reap the benefits of having this capability, you will need to make sure that the attendees are aware of it. Think about having a sign designed by a professional that informs clients that they can buy your products immediately at your booth and that they do not need to have cash on hand to do so.


In addition, you should send a mass email to all of your clients informing them of your attendance at the show as well as the mobile credit card processing capabilities that you offer. Don’t overlook the importance of posting about it on your various social media channels.


  1. Place an order for additional stock.


If this is your first time participating in an event that uses mobile credit card processing, you might be astonished at how much more productive you are able to sell when you make it simple for customers to pay for their purchases. Think about placing an order for a larger quantity of merchandise than you normally would for the show.




  1. An option for free mobile service


If you already have a smartphone, you should just use that instead. It’s likely that there’s an eData credit card reader model out there that’s compatible with the equipment you already have.




  1. Chargebacks and fraud involving cards that are not physically present pose a significant risk to businesses that conduct their operations online.


Our in-house staff will make sure that you are prepared in the best possible way to avoid and triumph over any chargebacks or disputes that may arise from a trade show.




Do you require mobile processing for the upcoming trade fair that you are attending?




Attending trade exhibitions is an excellent method to meet potential consumers as well as other businesses in your industry. Imagine taking your credit processing equipment to the location in order to help expedite sales while you are there. Give some careful thought to the reasons that would benefit your organization as well as your customers as to why you should take credit card payments at trade shows and consider offering those payment alternatives.

Contact us immediately for a free consultation if you plan to sell your goods or services at the upcoming trade show event you are attending and are looking for a quick and easy method that is also safe to collect credit card payments while you are on the move.


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