Know your community: Where do my Subs come from?

Know your community: Where do my Subs come from?

Dec 9 2021

When local subscription pricing launched, creators made it clear to us they needed more detailed information about their subscriptions. When prices vary by region, knowing where subs are purchased becomes much more relevant to planning ahead. Today, we deliver that data.

Geographic subscription breakdowns help creators better understand and anticipate their monthly revenue, which in turn helps creators keep making amazing content for their communities. This is especially true for subscriptions — the most meaningful way for viewers to consistently support their favs. It’s useful information, and now, if delayed, it’s available to you and accessible 24/7.

Thanks to your feedback, you can now see the geographic location of their subscriptions by country in the Channel Insights section of the Creator Dashboard. You can browse a breakdown of subscriptions by country to better understand the impact of local subscription pricing on your Sub revenue.

If you want to see how your Subs’ geographical history has changed over time, you can also review historical regional sub data to track their evolution as far back as December 1, 2020. To see the sub revenue summary for your channel, click here.

Creators who have a sufficient number of subscriptions from at least two countries will see a country-by-country summary of sub purchases. Information in these summaries is aggregated and anonymized to protect the privacy of viewers in accordance with local and regional privacy laws.

Thank you to the community for your invaluable feedback and for your patience. Your perspective, once again, helps make Twitch a better place.

Learn more about country-by-country sub revenue summaries this Help Article.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback. Please drop your suggestions in this UserVoice post.

Should you have any questions, let us know at


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