Forex and Blockchain trading merchant account

Everything you need to know about a Forex and Blockchain trading merchant account

All Forex businesses that apply to eDataPay High Risk must have an internationally recognized regulatory license from an organization like the FCA, FINTRAC, or CySec.

Looking for Forex payment processing?  You’ve come to the right place.  EDataPay provides binary options & Forex merchant accounts for companies located throughout the world.

Few types of Mids are available for: Crypto, NFT, Blockchain, ICO, binary option & Forex merchant accounts are available:

Informational / Educational Services. Payment processing service is readily available for both US and international companies. If you provide binary options or Forex software, market research, newsletters, seminars or industry information, you can obtain merchant account services through both US & international acquiring banks.

Trading Platforms. Payment processing for trading platforms is available through an extensive network of international acquiring banks. High volume international merchant accounts are the processing solution of choice for Forex & binary option trading platforms.  In the US, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) banned the use of credit cards to fund retail Forex trading accounts.  Although US customers can still use debit cards can to fund Forex trading accounts, US Forex merchant accounts are not available for trading platforms.

Forex industry

Businesses struggle to secure banking or merchant services in the Forex industry, which is a very complicated and competitive market in and of itself.

Trading or converting Forex comes with its own set of hazards, as currency values can fluctuate owing to a variety of external factors, causing clients to lose or earn money quickly.

Merchant accounts and Forex payment gateway providers

Before issuing an account, merchant accounts and Forex payment gateway providers will evaluate potential risk vs. income. You should expect to spend significantly greater price than other businesses due to the high risk nature of the industry.

Accepting payment with eDataPay  

Secure Forex Payment Processing

An extensive array of account management & protection tools is included in all Forex merchant accounts.  Identify legitimate transactions, decline fraudulent ones, or set aside questionable ones for manual review.

eDataPay High Risk partners with high-risk brokers who have a track record of effectively placing Forex merchants. Because of our experience, your application will be properly packaged and hence more likely to be accepted. As outlined in our Application Guide for Businesses, all Forex applications will be subject to a greater level of due investigation. This should not deter businesses from submitting an application. Whether it’s credit and debit card processing, alternative payment options, or cryptocurrency payments, our team is glad to offer knowledgeable help.


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Whether you have one retail store or manage a complex, multi-currency and multi-jurisdictional e-commerce business, eDataPay has the unique ability to provide you with the best processing and gateway solutions available where other providers fall short. Specializing in the high risk merchant services space, eDataPay has the processing solutions you’ve been looking for.

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